By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update ... sort of.

Hey bitches.

Here is yet another apology to you all for neglecting my poor poor, underfed, emaciated blog. I actually have a legitimate explanation. You see, about a month ago, I started talking to this handsome young thing and before you know it, BAM! He's mine. Haha it actually took a lot more than that, trust me it did, but I'll save those memories for future cerebral entertainment.

Otherwise, I am completely out of the fashion loop. Reggie told me a few days ago that Jourdan Dunn is pregnant and that's about as up to date as I am with the industry. Hopefully some of you can fill me in with everything that I've managed to miss this month. & isn't Spring 2010 FW just around the corner? Carazzy.

Oh yeah, I chopped my hair off. Here's how I've been wearing it recently:




Jowy said...


One Love,

Silvestre said...

No, it's very funny blog :)
I like it. I like blogs about fashion - by boys write. Because this is different approach than girls :)

naboonies said...

hey i've been missing you. come back soon okay?

Krystal said...

fresh cut!

Aysia said...

are you kidding me?! jourdan dunn is preggo? that's news to me.

anyways, your hair is looking fresh :]