By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knock You Down

(Kohl's straw fedora, khaki vest, jersey v-neck, AA seafoam green corduroy shorts, beaded ring, tusk necklace, rosary bracelet.)

I have been accumulating a disgusting amount of stuff over these past few weeks and haven't found the time to share them with you all. I was a little hesitant to walk out of my house with these ridiculously short shorts from American Apparel, but I always tell myself to never live in fear so I figured wtf.

My mom and brother are leaving back to TX and my dad back to Afghanistan in about a day and a half so my sister and I have been spending every available second of our time with them. My dad was telling me stories tonight about his living conditions on his base, and it's so bad I couldn't even respond. I felt horrible listening to him, knowing I have a solid ground to stand on while showering, or a legitimate bathroom to do my business, or even something so simple as running water. I honestly believe that the conversations I share with the people I love the most are directed by fate because I understand now that the things that I have, the people that I surround myself with in life mean so much more to me most especially when they are taken away.


Friday, April 24, 2009

when Margiela is out of your reach.

Thanks to USPS, I only had to pay a whole dollar for shipping. Now, the people who usually shoot me puzzled looks can have something new to gawk at.

Because that's what this billion-dollar industry is about anyway--inner beauty.


Looking at my face now, I don't mind the plethora of acne on my forehead. Ostrich skin is wayyy better than moisturized skin anyway! Ha.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a random trio-set of pictures.

the "Hannah Sider"

Shut it down.

my heartbreaker brother.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Quiverrrrr. I almost fainted like obesity just struck me when my pupils first met this product of creative genius. Margiela who? I can't recall how I stumbled across New High Mart, but thank goodness for the accessibility perk of blogging.

I was perusing a little shop in one of the resorts here, and I kind of fell in love with this ring that was made entirely out of sandy-colored beads except I couldn't purchase it because my wallet wasn't on me at the time. It's funny because I have THE WORST MEMORY ever, but any material obsessions I have seem to allow me perfect memory. Anyway, doesn't it remind you of one of those rad sea creatures in Nemo?


Oh and RIP to my faux-tortoise shell bracelet that was the single recurring accessory I've managed to integrate into the majority of my outfits since the beginning of citruscoffee. My left wrist's cohort snapped into two pieces as I was trying to pull it off before attacking some Chinese food. I was thinking of writing an obituary and everything until I realized that my insanity would be validated if I chose to do so.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Petty Pryer for 500 please.

I need to stand on my soapbox for a couple of sentences. I was out with a friend a week ago and something petty but sufficiently childish happened at the tail-end of our alcohol-induced night. When my sobriety is flung out of the window with an unsure amount in ounces of tokyo teas, I tend to get pretty affectionate with whomever accompanies me during said alcohol consumption. So my friend whom I have known since I was a child was with me this particular night, and since my usually stiff demeanor was pervaded by liquor causing me to become flimsy, I resorted to what I like to call the infamous one-arm shoulder hang at which I am apparently skilled. Anyway, I was hanging on my friend for what seemed like the rest of the drunken night until he shows me a text message his boyfriend sends him saying he recieved a text from an anonymous source. From the grace of all that is sober, this is what my memory can gather:

Why is somebody sending me a text saying that you're with some guy and you two are all cuddly?

Oh, yes dear readers. Some tragic clubkid pulled a stunt from The Hills, and I am not havin' it. Here's what I have to say: If you have the audacity to be vindictive and then proceed to hide behind your little cellphone screen, the least you can do, well for yourself anyway, is grow a set and be a real bitch about it. Come up to me and say you're a nosy friend of a friend and interrogate me. Even if my relationship with my friend is none of your fucking business, make it your business since you already decided to play phone spy regarding a situation completely irrelevant to your intentions for going out that night in the first place.

Good. So it's settled. So you can shave your back now. Bye Jason.

This picture is completely irrelevant to the content of this post. Just a little mirror cam'whoring with my favorite fashionista.

Aside from that dispensable debacle, I had a great time with a great friend, and all I can do now is laugh at the depths that people will go for entertainment.

Oh and that thing about Alber Elbaz for Target was my attempt at a little APRIL FOOLS fun. Sorry if you were genuinely excited, haha.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had myself a little shopping extravaganza yesterday while playing hooky from work. I'm such a horrible shopper because I just wander into places without any expectations for my potential purchases. I don't even have an idea of where I want to shop; I seriously just drive around and park wherever an impulse strikes me. It's pretty tragic but provides for an incredibly random adventure that almost always results in major hauls.

I actually started off at a fabric store where I found an assortment of the most beautiful yet very delicate metallic chiffon's. I couldn't think quickly enough of what the fabric could be used for to suede a purchase, so constant groping and minute-long glares had to suffice. I did though leave with a couple yards of a plain black cotton-blend which I took minutes later to a seamstress to have sewn into drop-crotch pants. Immediacy? Cravings? I steer my own ship.

I then found myself wandering into a formal-wear store where if I'm correct, inaugurated my obsession with bow-ties. I was helped by a really sweet saleslady who busted out some gems in vivid hues and couldn't later resist buying. I also snagged two suspenders in plain black and dark navy. Before I checked out, something completely subtle yet vigorously bitchy happened in a short convo I had with the saleslady while trying on the last of my ties. Here's how it went:

What I thought she said: Those are so stylish. (referring to the tie)
My response: I know, right?

What she really said: You're so stylish!

Hahahahahaha! She probably thought I had my nose jammed so far up a dark crevice with that type of response. I don't think she caught it though because we continued in regular conversation until I checked out. So two suspenders and four bow-ties in my shopping bag--not bad, eh?


To conclude my purchases, I ended up at Bench where I picked up a couple of short-sleeved button-ups along with a striped cardigan that was surprisingly on sale. And since a reliable photographer is not at my beckoning these days, I snapped a couple of quick shots in the dressing room.

(Kohl's wool fedora, American Apparel mint big tank, self-made starfish pendant, self-made bow-tie necklace, Ross cigarette pants, K-Mart canvas shoes)

Did anyone else hear/read about Elbaz doing a line for Target this Fall?