By: Jey Quichocho.

Friday, April 24, 2009

when Margiela is out of your reach.

Thanks to USPS, I only had to pay a whole dollar for shipping. Now, the people who usually shoot me puzzled looks can have something new to gawk at.

Because that's what this billion-dollar industry is about anyway--inner beauty.


Looking at my face now, I don't mind the plethora of acne on my forehead. Ostrich skin is wayyy better than moisturized skin anyway! Ha.


naboonies said...

Looking good and edgy!

OH acne don't we all have them? (except for those lucky bastards who tend to have smooth blemish-less skin)

D said...

ughhh i hated my acne days,i dont even wanna think about it!!!

OHEMMGGEEZ they look absolutely gorg on you,your one lucky puppy!!

venila kostis said...

cosmo! :D:D

J Legs said...

you bought margiela and got shipping for a dollar!?!?

Alice Point said...

haha, you are crazy! :D

J Legs said...

this is on fashion fags did you know
i quite like your glasses!

macyaverage said...

omg.... I LOVE THEM! They look like so much fun and megaaaa cool too. What an awesome buy ;D

btw, mind if I link you? Your blog is fantastic.

Vans said...

In 1000 years time.... lol, very futuristic n not everyone or many can pull this off, lol ONLY JEYQ!

p.s I've missed your blog

Krystal said...

soooo fierce, sooooo perfect x

clairegrenade said...


those are amazing
you rock them well, dear :D