By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knock You Down

(Kohl's straw fedora, khaki vest, jersey v-neck, AA seafoam green corduroy shorts, beaded ring, tusk necklace, rosary bracelet.)

I have been accumulating a disgusting amount of stuff over these past few weeks and haven't found the time to share them with you all. I was a little hesitant to walk out of my house with these ridiculously short shorts from American Apparel, but I always tell myself to never live in fear so I figured wtf.

My mom and brother are leaving back to TX and my dad back to Afghanistan in about a day and a half so my sister and I have been spending every available second of our time with them. My dad was telling me stories tonight about his living conditions on his base, and it's so bad I couldn't even respond. I felt horrible listening to him, knowing I have a solid ground to stand on while showering, or a legitimate bathroom to do my business, or even something so simple as running water. I honestly believe that the conversations I share with the people I love the most are directed by fate because I understand now that the things that I have, the people that I surround myself with in life mean so much more to me most especially when they are taken away.



naboonies said...

I like your straw fedora, and oooh the shorts ARE short! lol

It must take a lot of sacrifice in every aspect from all of your family members, be strong and pray a lot :)

Leni said...

Love love love. you look fab

Krystal said...

hh, adore this! the horn necklace is PERFECTION baby xx

The Spelunkers said...

this is all nice (bow ties especially)

♡Karafina♡ said...

you look so cute! love them short shorts on u!

Mads said...

Your ring is so cute!=)