By: Jey Quichocho.

Friday, January 30, 2009



So it's 5.26 AM, about two hours before I'm supposed to wake up--stupid melatonin. On four hours of sleep, here's my schedule for the day:

8:30AM-10AM > Grocery run
11AM-2PM > Friends nursing graduation
3:20PM > Interview
4PM-9PM > Work

Am I bitching, or DO YA FEEL ME? Haha. I swear you guys, the fashion bug refuses to bite me because I have no urge to review the couture collections. I guess I've just been focused on other more life-changing situations rather than worrying about how many sequins it takes to construct a Dior gown. But worry not; I'm sure I'll return to my irrevocable fashion obsessions in no time.

Anyweezie, I was compelled by some intangible force Wednesday night to stud something, anything actually. Finally after considering my materials, I unzipped and my virginity was siezed by a stud, pun intended. I have read a couple of YOUR posts about how impossible it is to stud in perfect lines, and honestly my reaction was "these suckers are just lazy and impatient!" Haha I give you a pass to underestimate me. I seriously sat on my bed forever, dumbfounded by this perceivably easy task as my first row was haphazard. Then after an hour or so, I finished and so became the cross on my left bosom, an explicit ode to Hester Prynne. Haha okay I'll stop.


Oh, & The Invisible Waist Club.

FAWK you girl.

Monday, January 26, 2009


After reviewing this entry, I am sore from whiplash due to my schizophrenic tone of voice. Excuse me.

Hey sexies. I apologize for the gaps in my posts. It's quite hard to take a half-decent picture without a photographer at my beckoning call. All of you should know that I am an old hag who would prefer to stay home than go out and be a club-whore. The rare times I do find myself out, I purposely overdress to ensure my presence is recognized. Ha, is my nose too far in the air? The gay clubs here are usually unwelcoming, with their unnecessary cover charges, i'm-better-than-you bartenders, and bitchy atmospheres, so I'm always down to go a chill place with humorous heteros. Besides, I realized that the eye-candy at straight bars is much more bountiful than the sad selection of cruisers at your local Euphoria. Also, it never hurts to sit between three neck-breakingly beautiful women, all of whom attract the sexiest MFers GU. has to offer.

Grab your tissues girls. I must mention that my heart is being seized by the handsomest creation of man my eyes have ever seen. I've allowed myself to produce this perfect idea that every time I look at him, I smile for absolutely no reason, or when we fight it would stem from something incredibly silly. I further produce a scene of him waking up in my arms and leaning over to give my forehead the softest of kisses, so soft that when I finally awake, it would infer the end to an amazing night's sleep and the beginning of the most beautiful day with someone for whom my love was infinite.

UGHH I'm such a damn sap. And I better just stop now before my glasses fog over. Hilarious. Now here's the knee-slapper, I know nothing about him because we've never met, though I'm sure if I ever did meet him, I would collapse to the floor like obesity just struck me because his smell, his presence, hell his powerful yet subtle sex appeal would intoxicate my normal state of mind.

Anyway, moving on to G-rated content. My sister is coming back from a trip to the Phillipines with her godparents in a few hours, and I am a little more than excited to paw at the bounty of her purchases, because I know homegirl better had bought something for me!

& if you are piddling in anticipation for NY Fall 2009, piddle a little more here.

Saturday, January 17, 2009



I'm back to my regular schedule which includes waking up in the late afternoon, going to work at night, and honing in on my insomnia. I swear you guys, I don't think life could get any more exciting.

When you have a grandpa who's time watching Filipino soap-operas is incessant, you start to develop an emotional relationship to the devilishly handsome male stars. Too bad they're only attracted to hot pockets. Haha--moving on.

I dragged my sister and our god-brother to the beach yesterday for some Karlie Klossin. Though the ocean makes for such a vivid backdrop, you forget your intentions when your backside is victim to the crashing waves. I even managed to get parts of my tank top wet; see if you can spot them.


Sorry for you minimalists. I went a little photo crazy, because you can never take a bad picture if you're standing before something so beautiful!

Off to work now.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

photo TAG!

The talented designer/seamstress, MISHA, tagged me for a special photo post following these rules:

::go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
::pick the 4th picture in that folder
::explain the picture
::tag 4 people to do the same


As some of you know, I dance nightly at a resort here in GU. It's strictly Polynesian dancing so yes, I handle fire and get all hot and sweaty every night. Haha. Anyway, my girls and I went out to booty shake, and this picture was taken at a popular club here. We spotted our boss who also happens to be our kumu hula which means 'hula teacher' in hawaiian and snapped a photo with him. I switched clothes with my friend on the left before we walked in. Ha!

So, I tag:




Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I LOVE Nick Jonas.

Every time I listen to the Jonas Brothers, I always wait for Nick to blow after which I verbalize "that's right Nick; sing to me baby!" Hahahahahaha.

I swear, I've been so lazy as far as dressing ever since I've been back. Because it's FOREVER hot out, I'm not even trying to be in any type of pants or jeans unless it's nighttime, so my day to day outfits usually consist of a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, slippers, and my sunglasses. Exciting right?

I'm attempting to go running tonight, so I can rid my body of this evil muffin hanging above my waist. Ugh, you skinny bitches make life hard for me. This is my means of nutrition as of late:


Haha. So I was browsing through The Salvation Army here and stumbled across an in-your-face brown bow tie very reminiscent of the ones adorning the neck of Alber Elbaz after every Lanvin show. I recently figured out that brown is so hard to wear (for me, anyway) and is furthermore not my color, but it was a buck, and I convinced myself that I could always dye/bleach it.


You like my clavicles? Ha. Remember that striped-shirt in my last outfit post? Well it formerly belonged to my cousin until I was walking past his room one day, spotted it atop a pile on his bed, and then snatched it as an addition to my wardrobe. I thought if he had that great of a piece just lying around, he must own some other goodies. I waited until he left the house and had myself a little inhouse shopping haul. Two amazingly-draped tanks, a sleeveless jersey shirt, and a couple of old beat-up tees emerged from my klepto adventure. Is that bad? Whatever.

To conclude,

I'd die.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Over it.

I'm trying to get back in the groove of things including getting back to work, paying bills, blah blah blah. I promise to post captivating content once I'm on track with my schedule.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Haha freakin' Chris Crocker. Anyway, I'm finally in GU. with an itinerary for days. I took my sister to the beach today with intentions for her to soak for atleast an hour. That hour turned into two ten minute increments. Kill.

I'm processing back in tomorrow at my old job. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll lose my sobriety with a couple of shots and endless Tokyo Teas. Until then, I hope you all inaugurated the new year on a good note =]


Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm totally boarding a plane in a few hours en route to Guam. Here's to thirteen hour flights! Stupid economy class.