By: Jey Quichocho.

Saturday, January 17, 2009



I'm back to my regular schedule which includes waking up in the late afternoon, going to work at night, and honing in on my insomnia. I swear you guys, I don't think life could get any more exciting.

When you have a grandpa who's time watching Filipino soap-operas is incessant, you start to develop an emotional relationship to the devilishly handsome male stars. Too bad they're only attracted to hot pockets. Haha--moving on.

I dragged my sister and our god-brother to the beach yesterday for some Karlie Klossin. Though the ocean makes for such a vivid backdrop, you forget your intentions when your backside is victim to the crashing waves. I even managed to get parts of my tank top wet; see if you can spot them.


Sorry for you minimalists. I went a little photo crazy, because you can never take a bad picture if you're standing before something so beautiful!

Off to work now.



Krystal said...

the hamptons is calling you in that gorgeous outfit x

clairegrenade said...

your mix of colors is really great!
powder blue+white=awesome

HA!!! Filipino soap operas..that was genius

Vero said...

Haha filipino soap operas foreal though.

I love this tank youre wearing. funny how im wearing the same structured tank in my recent post. i love it on you!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lovely outfit for a lovely environment...the water looks so warm and pretty.

katherinelou said...

the water looks super delicious right now !
great outfit !

nv said...

I like your shoooes! and how you wore them to the beach ;) verrrnaice. Filipino soaps? Are you pilipino? (imagine that in a little accent lol)

Ca said...

I can't wait for warmer weather! So sick of snow and cold, haha.

it's Fashion Fever said...

haha I agree with ading Vero :)
also love the BEAUTIFUL scenery.

I love ur necklace too.

kait.lyn said...

i love that you're wearing these great, south-beachy colors, but with dress shoes. something that doesn't sound right, but looks perfect.

yiqin; said...

So amazing. I lvoe the hat! Very very awesome outfit.

Anonymous said...

Wow cool pictures.

Carlita said...

Nice hat!

D said...

i love your outfit,its so simple and classic,that color of the tank adds a nice touch,i need a background like that,you lucky dog you!


oh here my new blog,i kinda started over

xoxo said...

first male blog ive seen :S
i already feel inlove with the name!!

really nice..


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Michelle Yue said...

waking up in the late afternoon is the only way to go, because if the sun isn't setting or gone, it hurts my eyes. XD

your comment about your quivering hot pocket made me laugh out loud. made my day :)

Alice Point said...

Oh God! You look so hot!;)

This background is beautiful! I'm waiting for the summer! In Poland we have hot weather only from June to August.

Rumi said...

HOT outfit, love the choice of footwear.


tailorstitch said...

the outfit is cute :)