By: Jey Quichocho.

Friday, January 30, 2009



So it's 5.26 AM, about two hours before I'm supposed to wake up--stupid melatonin. On four hours of sleep, here's my schedule for the day:

8:30AM-10AM > Grocery run
11AM-2PM > Friends nursing graduation
3:20PM > Interview
4PM-9PM > Work

Am I bitching, or DO YA FEEL ME? Haha. I swear you guys, the fashion bug refuses to bite me because I have no urge to review the couture collections. I guess I've just been focused on other more life-changing situations rather than worrying about how many sequins it takes to construct a Dior gown. But worry not; I'm sure I'll return to my irrevocable fashion obsessions in no time.

Anyweezie, I was compelled by some intangible force Wednesday night to stud something, anything actually. Finally after considering my materials, I unzipped and my virginity was siezed by a stud, pun intended. I have read a couple of YOUR posts about how impossible it is to stud in perfect lines, and honestly my reaction was "these suckers are just lazy and impatient!" Haha I give you a pass to underestimate me. I seriously sat on my bed forever, dumbfounded by this perceivably easy task as my first row was haphazard. Then after an hour or so, I finished and so became the cross on my left bosom, an explicit ode to Hester Prynne. Haha okay I'll stop.


Oh, & The Invisible Waist Club.

FAWK you girl.


Luna Supernova said...

i actually really love the studded cross, and what beautifully straight lines! haha.

great job on that, you have inspired me.

Mariane M. said...

invisible waist club...haha good one
i gave up on my givenchy sweater DIY 5 minutes after i started it...cashmere and studs don't go well
good job though

Cass said...

love the studded cross tee.
nicely donee!!

D said...

i cant wait to stud my stuff,im actually about to do it after i finish commenting your post,you so inspired me,i love your tee its pretty fantastic,you have awesome looking friends,can i join!!?? lol


clairegrenade said...

you go,man
you go :]

do yo thang

& HELLO?! I'd buy your shirt in a second!! great job,chico!!

Alice Point said...

Congratulation! Your DIY t-shirt is lovely! I would borrow it with pleasure;P la la la

SOS! said...

oooo seems fun!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Karafina said...

that is an awesome diy......

Spanish Tangerine said...