By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had myself a little shopping extravaganza yesterday while playing hooky from work. I'm such a horrible shopper because I just wander into places without any expectations for my potential purchases. I don't even have an idea of where I want to shop; I seriously just drive around and park wherever an impulse strikes me. It's pretty tragic but provides for an incredibly random adventure that almost always results in major hauls.

I actually started off at a fabric store where I found an assortment of the most beautiful yet very delicate metallic chiffon's. I couldn't think quickly enough of what the fabric could be used for to suede a purchase, so constant groping and minute-long glares had to suffice. I did though leave with a couple yards of a plain black cotton-blend which I took minutes later to a seamstress to have sewn into drop-crotch pants. Immediacy? Cravings? I steer my own ship.

I then found myself wandering into a formal-wear store where if I'm correct, inaugurated my obsession with bow-ties. I was helped by a really sweet saleslady who busted out some gems in vivid hues and couldn't later resist buying. I also snagged two suspenders in plain black and dark navy. Before I checked out, something completely subtle yet vigorously bitchy happened in a short convo I had with the saleslady while trying on the last of my ties. Here's how it went:

What I thought she said: Those are so stylish. (referring to the tie)
My response: I know, right?

What she really said: You're so stylish!

Hahahahahaha! She probably thought I had my nose jammed so far up a dark crevice with that type of response. I don't think she caught it though because we continued in regular conversation until I checked out. So two suspenders and four bow-ties in my shopping bag--not bad, eh?


To conclude my purchases, I ended up at Bench where I picked up a couple of short-sleeved button-ups along with a striped cardigan that was surprisingly on sale. And since a reliable photographer is not at my beckoning these days, I snapped a couple of quick shots in the dressing room.

(Kohl's wool fedora, American Apparel mint big tank, self-made starfish pendant, self-made bow-tie necklace, Ross cigarette pants, K-Mart canvas shoes)

Did anyone else hear/read about Elbaz doing a line for Target this Fall?



Ca said...

Wear a bow tie and be cute as pie!

Wendy said...

I'm a die hard fan of bow ties on guys!

Vans said...

I need to start driving so I can have hauls!! lol I had my first lesson yesterday (one lesson closer to the dream!)
Ofcourse your'e so stylish lol=]

Krystal said...

thank you, and you know I'm totally obsessed with your fierceness x

Sammie said...

The bowties are adorable! I love your blog, you have to be one of the most stylish guys I've ever seen.

naboonies said...

I totally have the same habit of wandering and not knowing what to buy until I see what I like!It's a rather bad thing to my wallets though..

I too love bow ties! Got my self quite a few during the recent Euro trip. LOLs at the miscommunication!

clairegrenade said...

Elbaz? line?...excuse me while i go pass out...

ANYWAY..totally cute ties!!!! i'm digiin' it

fierce, dahhling, fierce

Leni said...


wecouldgrowup2gether said...

oh my, bowtie overdose

Bianca said...

mmm I love bows soooo much
great outfit
Hahaha that made me laugh about the stylish thing....but dont worry about it too much

Getri said...

love the colour of your tank! very cool outfit aswell

D said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bow ties.ive always been afraid of wearing them,not afraid but skeptical,they were never my sort of taste,but youve convinced me to the extreme to go try some on!!!

they look absolutely beauty!


Anonymous said...