By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi everybody :)

I will once more spill heartfelt apologies to all nine of you who read my blog, for neglecting my so-called passions & venturing into other less amusing areas of life. I have realized that I truly miss blogging; I finally 'fit' into this cyber-social circle, not that it was my intention to do so when I first started, & then to leave it idle for such a long period of time without good reason kinda makes me look cowardly. But I am back, & will make time for all you lovelies.

I'm going to keep this update short, but I shall have longer (like 8 inches long ^_^) posts in the future.

I have most recently moved into my very own place, my first place actually, by myself at 21. Still baffles me that I have my own set of keys to my very own place. Gahhhh. Excuse the mess & lack of furniture. Kinda still looks like this, mind you, as I have not yet furnished it.

View of living room, first shot.

Second shot.

My yittle kitchen. Haha don't judge me!


& here's a crappy picture of my view taken by my BlackBerry. Be jeal!

Remember when I mentioned I dance? Well I just wanted to show you that our costumes are extremely conservative, as in:


Me with my go-to Gays:

Me with my sister on Easter:

& finally Me at the beach with a friend ... an incredibly "blessed" friend:

Blehhhh I'm pooped. Sorry this was all half-ass; I promise tidier work next time.

Kisses <3

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yiqin; said...

its a veryu nice place :D