By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dilapidated .


(Reggie's glasses, studded cross V-neck, FTL long johns, thrifted BDU boots, faux-tortoise bracelet, rosary bracelet, & F21 snake-chain necklace as bracelet)

Is it just me, or do any of you (drivers) evolve into vehicular terrorists when other drivers make it a point to be dirty chocolate starfishes on the road? Things that I WILL NOT TOLERATE on asphalt:
  • People who drive at 30 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, especially on the left lane
  • Slow MFers period
  • Drivers over 50 years old
  • Overconfident pedestrians
  • People on their cellphones while driving
  • Bass speakers blasted at an obnoxious volume
  • Drivers under 18
  • Drivers in busted up pick-ups trying to race you when the light turns green
  • Drivers who don't signal (I will sooo honk at you!)
  • Drivers with their brights on at night (This happens to be a high-ranking pet-peeve as well)
  • Double-parkers
  • NO PARKING ZONE parkers
  • Busses/Trucks/Rigs in turning lanes
  • Drivers who ride my tail (It's called brake check, & don't think I won't use it.)
I mean, I'm no speedster but c'mon guys, drive with the flow of traffic. I feel considerably bitchy today for personal reasons, and I apologize for it's obvious appearance in my tone of voice. I seriously need to learn how to brush off vindictive acts from people with whom I have absolutely no association.

On a lighter note, I was pretty stoked when I threw on my studded t-shirt today, except I don't remember it being so heavy. I might have to get accustomed to the jingling though. I remember telling myself a couple of months back, "I will not succumb to this laughable drop-crotch trend," but oh what powers a suspended crotch hold. I already have an idea to cut my own patterns and just have a seamstress sew the pieces together. Half-baked ideas, anyone?


D said...

first and foremost i love your fit,i get a very militaristic feel from the look,no?

and second im in love with that studded tee and those long johns,i need some badly i haven't gotten around to getting them.

third,im kinda one of those overconfident pedestrians,especially when i have my earphones on blasting kings of leon in my ear.
what another great post!!!


clairegrenade said...

heya mr.amazing boots, you have been tagged by moi for fabulousness!

Krystal said...

love this! your hair looks prefect doll xx

Ca said...

Nice work with the studded t-shirt! I've been meaning to do a studded DIY but too lazy and no time anyway, haha.

And love the glasses!

Cass said...

yup! im still loving that tee. <3

Anonymous said...

love the studded shirt////////

naboonies said...

Hey ya! Here I am back in the internet land!

You must tell me how to make those studs stick on the shirt!

I hate driving! I need a chauffeur if I had a car :)

Leni said...


this wheel's on fire said...

sorry so many things are annoying you today, but you look fab!! :D

this wheel's on fire said...

whoo i'm blog roll material? thanks! consider yourself on mine as well :D

Ashford said...

long johns, what a great idea!
I love the texture.

Alice Point said...

I want these shoes!!! They look great with your stylish pants (leggins? or whatever, who cares;))!