By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Photos from lunch with my sister and our darling Reggie a couple of days ago. I was browsing through lookbook, and it looks like a lot of stylish teens are wearing dream-catchers as statement necklaces nowadays. I don't know how I feel about it yet, but I do know that the dream-catcher necklace works well with themed-dressers .... if that makes any sense.

A couple hours after I publish this post, the Fall shows will be in full force. I've read everywhere that some designers have canceled their shows due to the economic crisis, and for those who are showing, their invite list has been cut in half. Designers are also cutting down on models (15 instead of the usual 25) and switching to more affordable venues. It is a sad sad time for this country, but I am confident that this recession is something we can all overcome. Anyway, I'll be scouring the runways for Diandra Forrest and Rose Cordero, both supremely beautiful but definitely individual in appearance.

My heart is beating irregularly while I wait for Nicholas Ghesquiere to show.
& if you didn't catch it, photos from this post and the one below were taken on the same day.


naboonies said...

Nice jump shots! You just need a trampoline for out of this world heights haha!

Oh my. Fashion week is coming. This is exciting! I'm anticipating Lanvin, Margiela, Balenciaga and Givenchy!!!!

Ms.B said...

you guys are sooo hot...Love the shoot...

this wheel's on fire said...

such great shots!! i love the color :D

D said...

your camera is so awesome,it takes a while for my camera and myself to adjust to the shutter speed,i love jumping in photos it looks so fantastical to me,very whimsical...i love all the photos you guys bring so much life into the pictures,I HEART IT!

Ca said...

Haha, having fun jumping around!

I remember I wore dreamcatcher-pendants a couple of years ago, those mad high school years. The feathers made me do it, haha. Love feathers.

I can't get over how well you did the studded t-shirt DIY! Love it!

this wheel's on fire said...

hey honey! yes, it doesn't get much better than lenny and orlando :D my first time was beautiful (haha! that sounds very interesting) xoxo

Carlita said...

I love your photos! Good stuff :)

Much Love,

Vintage Tea said...

Great photos

Please check out


Karafina said...

so cute! i love action shots!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Outfit!

Alice Point said...

This background looks amazing! Is it natural forest (garden?), green grass? In Poland now we have only white snow. The world is white in Poland;)

Your outfits are perfect as always! Love love love it!


katherinelou said...

your guys' poses are great !
haha i love it !

Bombchell said...

wow how do u take such pretty pictures!!!!!!!!!!