By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Imitation Nation.


I disassembled an ill-fitting bow tie a couple of nights ago in preparation to imitate a necklace shown to me by a friend over the weekend:


It was obviously a complicated project considering the laborious minute I spent fastening the chain to the tie and then struggling to clasp the chain together. Hand me a viscose Wang t-shirt and some soiled chinos and BAM; I'm an imprisoned child sewing buttons on a pair of Forever 21 skinny jeans in a decrepit factory infamously located on the hard-knock streets of Connecticut.

When I threw on the second one, I imagined being victim to some sort of freak accident where the inch-long sharp tip somehow stabbed me to death due to my reaction from meeting Magdalena Frackowiak at Subway. The industrial safety pin obviously beckoned to be strung onto a rotting rope chain, which always leaves a nice metal-y scent on your clavicles.

The marble effect at Rodarte, 80s Manhattan and monstrous shoulders at Marc Jacobs, the Alexander Wang girl is 'growing up', & pom poms at DVF. Did I miss anything ... important? I'd rather dip my head in a bucket of syphilis than stand to review the rest of the Fall 09 collections. That's why we have EDITORS, people!

Haha please disregard everything I said in this post.



roxanne said...

i'm loving the viciously truthful nature of the descriptions in this post. i totally agree with you on the incessant fashion week reviews - i appreciate them, but i can't imagine rushing to every hour and firing off my opinions at length. not only are the images not going anywhere, it's still not even quite spring 09.

great necklaces, and great imagery to match.

Sol said...

i'm kinda loving the last one. i'd wear it anytime :)


this wheel's on fire said...

hahaha i love that fashion week comment! i feel the same way :D

Karafina said...

love the variations of your necklace! i totally have a bowtie necklace, and i allllwwwaaays get compliments!

Ca said...

Yeay for DIY-projects! Personal accessories are the best.

david santos said...

Good idea!

D said...

you did a pretty great imitation,and DID you really meet magdalena f.


Anonymous said...

love the bowtie chain !!!!


Mariane M. said...

dresses that will get you laid in a second at leger.
highlight of my fashion week.

naboonies said...

I love the safety pin! Where did you get it?

Spot on the fashion week reviews.

One question though, why do Americans hate America designers so much? :)

Vans said...

Lol I would purchase all the necklaces you put together. Your skill is worthy lol.
vERY nICE bLOG, I also love the pics in the post below.
Hmmph it looks sunny wer ur at=[
LoL JUST dropping by, definately will pop back=]

Taghrid said...

hahahaha. love this post.

katherinelou said...

very interesting !
the bow tie is my ultimate favorite

kaitlyn said...

love jewelry. looove your blog.

modern antoinette said...

I love those necklaces.