By: Jey Quichocho.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day & Night.

(American Apparel double-breasted cardigan)

This past week, I:
  • got really sick and still haven't fully recovered.
  • visited a part of my island I'm sure I've never seen before, which is probably why it took almost an hour to get there.
  • ate McDonald's in my car.
  • went out while I was sick.
  • had an excruciatingly fun time at a sushi bar with great friends.
  • ran into people I didn't care to run into.
  • avoided a person.
  • opened up my heart a little.
  • went on a date.
Any feedback regarding the debacle over at Ungaro?
I'm trying to create some sort of signature conclusion for each of my posts, you know like BB's Baboosh!



naboonies said...

New shadeS? tres cool! I like that Madras plaid, and trying to find a cheap one HAHA

Quite a week you had here. Hope you've regained your health. And I'm still stuck with one exam next week :(

krish said...

the plaid shirt with the sweater looks great on you
and hope you feel better
take care :)

J Legs said...

thats a very interesting week.!

is your baboosh the love heart <3 thing?

Marie-Louise said...

your style is amazing!

Anonymous said...

That plaid shirt is the best thing I've ever seen, and "Balmainia" is the best concept I've ever heard. Xoxo, Maddy

venila kostis said...

great glasses