By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paycheck Dedications.

Hey kids.

I'm devoting this post to a fraction of my endless cravings; some are newly discovered and some have been bookmarked for months already. Enjoy!

Girls in Glasses Unisex Tee by Danny Roberts of Igor&Andre
Oh & Regg, if I see this shirt on your back before it's on mine, I will pull a Chris Brown. Respaetoe!

Hello gorgeous! My idea of the perfect ankle boot.

For days when I feel like a bad ass.

Elora Plume Collar by Kathy Coleman

Human Hair Necklace by Kathy Coleman
A little crazy considering it's human hair; but hey, it is a statement neck piece.


Purple suede, please.

So perfect.
via ebay.

All shoes from heayahh.
Oh yeah kids, the new stuff over at AA is sooo good. Feel free to send a sheer tank my way!



naboonies said...

Such a coincidence! Recently I was salivating over the Viv Westwood knuckle ring too. But of course it's super expensive and I'm not sure whether it will fit my stumpy finger HAHA. So I bought a fugly substitute instead from Dan's Jewelery.. bad as its name suggest, the ring is super huge and they said I can't exchange it cos they only have one size. What the hell? I still remember measuring my finger to choose which size fits me. Such a downfall of eBay shopping..

And me love some sheer AA tees, sans the sky high price tag that is :)

Anna Shapiro said...

Oh the tee shirt! I just got it, it's so beautiful, in fact, it's just as wonderful in person.

[LA] said...


Krystal said...

everything you want, i want too!

Christina said...

wow, the boots are awesome! i've been looking for a similar pair for myself, haha