By: Jey Quichocho.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The time is here people. Nicholas Ghesquiere finally showed earlier today in Paris. I'm literally reviewing the collection as I type. Despite her public announcements to retire, Natalia Vodianova opened the show for the brand in a very structured, sublty-ruched dusty rose-colored dress with an impression directly atop her stomach. In the honest words of bryanboy, care bears is dat chu? Now that I have seen the entire collection, I have come to the conclusion that Ghesquiere's aesthetic for the brand from season to season is futurism. Even before his Futurism collection in Spring of '07, his pieces were always synonymous with the aesthetic.
This season though, Ghesquiere used skin-tight bodysuits under every look, awkward yet visually stimulating panelling for most of his bodices and even his pants, and at first glance, very confusing shoes--they actually reminded of marc jacobs' misplaced heel shoe as far as theory. Anyway, what confounded me was that the foot part of the bodysuit was exposed, but you could see the heel and the platform sitting directly under the foot as if it was a part of our anatomy. I mean HELLER! It's pretty amazing. Another surprising element on the Balenciaga runway was that Ghesquiere added a total of seven menswear looks to his usually all-women show.

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The second look is my favorite simply because of the neckline.

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Mariane M. said...

balenciaga was friggin amazing. ghesquiere makes the futuristic theme look so good
i want all those clothes!!
and the rodarte shoes below are fierce, but not as fierce as last season's.

and YES!!! i am from guam!! we will be fashion friends yes yes yes :)
finally someone who knows about rodarte and balenciaga hahahah