By: Jey Quichocho.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

EPIPHANIES, but not really.

I feel like a considerable amount of designers for this Spring season have referenced Nicholas Ghesquiere's structured silhouettes from Balenciaga's Spring '08 collection. I think because Ghesquiere constructed most of his tops with an exaggerated cap shoulder, designers want to keep reinventing it, personally without success so far. Though, I think the evolution of Fashion Week has convinced designers to have a general idea that clothes should continue to be reinvented without ever having them first become timeless. I mean honestly, what people have the financial backing to continually 'refurbish' the contents in their closets from season to season other than the fashion elite and celebrities? This subject has forced me to think about why the fashion industry is so highly coveted amongst the norm of a general public, and I have finally arrived at the obvious theory that it is the exclusivity of the brand that empowers this very industry. You wouldn't just stumble across MMM's Incognito sunglasses at Macy's; then again, I wouldn't be surprised if street-vendors started selling them in a couple months thanks to our enslaved workers in the third-world.

Marni SS09
I just thought this picture was painfully entertaining, and if I have to point out why, just shoot me.

Lastly, I am angrily waiting for Balenciaga & Lanvin to show. Hurry up boys!

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belle.chantelle said...

a/ love the shoes *drools
b/ thanks for the lovely provocative comment. I love it.