By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Okay, how do you spell GABBANA?

(to the tune of If I Were A Boy)
If I had a hot pocket .....


My name is Mariacarla Boscono, & this is how you do fierce.

So I'm assuming Balenciaga has already shown because of this. I commend anybody regardless of your position in the service industry. It's a significantly different experience working tables as opposed to dining on them, and I think it's something that people who eat out regularly should realize. I made a thousand mistakes today, but I learned a thousand new things and thank God for tragic managers because otherwise my life would be too perfect.

How are you all consuming Fashion 'Month'? Let me know which designers left you salivating and which ones just need to wake up from a horrible nightmare.



naboonies said...

OMG this is feroshaa!! Puffy shoulders? Hell yeah! I just love Dolce's SS09 ..or is it FWo8(?)with their structural sleeves and embroidered fabrics..
Very Balenciaga last season huh?

I couldn't keep track on Fashion 'Month', I know the fashion God must punish me but I'm so busy with school!

BTW I'm stealing your template for the mo' cos it looks simple and clean! But if it doesn't suit very well I'm gonna have to change it yet again. Really, it's my futile attempt to put BIGGER pictures and MOAR details on clothes!

naboonies said...

And tell me, which image hosting site is better - photobucket or flickr? I mean, which one can give BIG pictures on my blog?)

modern antoinette said...

I love the woman's tuxedo.

Great header

this wheel's on fire said...

Oh I lovelovelove

Krystal said...

that was the best photo of the show!

Ca said...

I hope everything is settling nicely with your new job! Good luck!

Love those strong shoulders, so much power attitude in just a piece of garment.

And to be honest, I rarely follow the fashion months... haha, I'm so lazy, can never sit and look through entire collections.