By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, December 18, 2008



I just want to admit that I am a shameless biter mostly because I saw a guy on LOOKBOOK with a cassette tape dangling from his neck, which obviously prompted me to recreate a statement necklace. I guess my parents are accustomed to the iPod generation because I was looking for old cassette tapes around the house and to no avail, and if I haven't made myself clear before that I am a victim of immediacy, the video cassette atop my chest should prove otherwise. Talk about a craving almost fulfilled.

Yesterday my sister and I finally found our town's Salvation Army. I actually found a lot of good pieces in there but later decided to hold back as we were shopping for other people. My sister, though found some fringed-moccasin booties by Minnetonka in perfect condition and a Polaroid camera which managed to astound her throughout the rest of the day. We headed back there today for a haul, but I guess it's okay to close at 5 o'clock now. After that we headed to the closest Goodwill where I found an absolutely perfect leather motorcycle jacket which will make it's debut in an upcoming post.

Anyway, Christmas is coming up gals! Enjoy your last days of this holiday season!


Anna Shapiro said...

I'm excited for the leather jacket, and LOVE the necklace idea :)

naboonies said...

Oh the cassette, how it reminds me of my childhood days! Pretty cool!

Nice to se your lookbook pic there. I've applied weks ago but still didn't get any reply. :(

Alice Point said...

Great idea with this cassete necklace. My friend has very similiar, but he paint it pink spray:)

You look very stylish as always:)

Krystal said...

fringed minnetonkas AND a camera...your goodwill is amazing! you look adorable in that shot too xx

Bella said...

Damn that genius!

Vero said...

Cool ya made that necklace? Great job, it does make a loud statement!

Just reading bout you thrifting makes me want to go to Goodwill right now...hmm I think ima go do that! lol.

clairegrenade said...

hello dahhling sorry for my absence :o

ahh i totally get you with the thrift shopping
i'm always looking for shirts for my friends so i can make something for them, but i almost always end up getting more for myself

Behind the Seams said...

thats such a badass necklace! great blog.. ill definitely be back