By: Jey Quichocho.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recent Buys.

Hey everyone! For some reason, I'm feeling so disconnected to the blogosphere lately. Maybe a lot of you do because it's the holidays and we're spending more time with our loved ones? In any case, it's time for a legitimate post, hopefully. A little photo sesh with my sister.


And remember those Minnetonka moccasin booties I mentioned she scored at the Salvation Army?

Now for some wardrobe establishment; some of my most recent purchases.

The perfect leather biker jacket. [The Goodwill]

BDU boots. To my disgust, I found socks left in them by it's previous owner. C'mon soldier!
[Salvation Army]

Silver shiny windbreaker. [Steve & Barry's]

White tennis shoes. [Wal*Mart]

Silver bow tie. [Saxon's]

Patent dress shoes. [Salvation Army]

Whew! I also bought a lightweight cream scarf, but I wasn't satisfied with the resolution of the photo. Moving on. Today, I witnessed a wedding proposal which induced a sea of misty-eyed family members and friends. The event was actually a birthday party for my god-sister and she ended up getting proposed to. Ha! Talk about an insurmountable birthday present.

I'll be leaving to Guam in a couple of weeks, allegedly. My uncle was trying to get my sister and I to leave the day after Christmas which is insane to me. I really have no clue of the exact date we'll be leaving, but I guess this is what you expect traveling on someone else's expense. This is the third time I will be leaving my family, and although my sister will be coming with me this time, it's still disheartening to experience. The first time I was 18 and heading off to New York to start fashion school. I swear I was completely overcome throughout the entirety of my trip. I balled when I said my goodbyes, when I landed in Chicago for a painful eight hour layover, the first night I was in PA, and finally the first night I was in Manhattan. I guess I have a phobia of detaching myself from my family, my mom especially. But I'll probably get over it once I'm back home.

If I don't post in the upcoming days, I just want to wish every single one of you readers a Merry Christmas!



naboonies said...

Great finds. You really managed to buy classic pieces for the wardrobe. Give me all of them especially the silver bow tie now! hahaha.

Aww, be strong for those obstacles we meet in life. I was bawling my eyes out the first time I left my family for Russia.

my email is:

thanks a lot for the invite!

misha said...

1. your sisters hair is amazing, don't ever let her cut it!
2. the leather jacket- best thrift find EVER, it doesn't even look badly worn in
3. combat boots- even better find but isn't it gross to be so rudely confronted by the fact that someone else (& quite possibly sweaty) wore those before you? i found photos in a thrifted wallet once...
4. bow ties! i just bought two, one for the JO (my johan) and one for myself.

clairegrenade said...

you got those boots at the salvation army?? wanna shop for me???

gorgeous everything,dear!

nv said...

That is SUCH a nice jacket. I cant believe you found that at goodwill. very good buyy!

Krystal said...

merry christmas darling!
i LOVE your new finds, i cant believve that jacket came from goodwill! she looks amazing too! x

Vero said...

Damn Im jealous of the stuff you've found there!! I just came from Goodwill too and found some cool stuff myself...

So youre going to Guam! Aw don't be sad, you prolly do have a phobia from being apart from your family but don't worry you'll be good. That's cute tho!

I love the pics of your sis! Yall look dead on a like!!!

Have a happy holiday Jeyyy! :)

yiqin; said...

I love the shoes!!! The dress fits so well :)

Taghrid said...

wow you did good. as gross as the sock thing is, those soldier boots are hottt. and that leatehr jacket.. i think i would totally steal it from you its so good.

ps you're sister is a cutie!!

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

I'm just loving that leather jacket!

Anonymous said...

wow that leather jacket is amazing :oooo looks great with that simple white tee.

She's Dressing Up said...

Lovely photos of your sister, and amazing Salvation Army finds! Haha, can't believe socks were left in the boots though

Homme Times said...

That metallic windbreaker is crazy! I'm still trying get a Dior Homme one, and one of the patent one's from the S/S 09 show. only a matter of time...

Taghrid said...

My salvation army aucks :[
but i really like your jacket!