By: Jey Quichocho.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Leather & Stripes.

...make everything nice.

*I was too lazy to divide the content into two posts, so I conveniently shoved everything into a vertical catastrophe.


Hiya folks! How was everybody's holiday? Good, I assume. Mine was .... conventional. Ha! So my family and I all got ready for Christmas Eve Vigil only to drive to the church and find out that we were four hours early, yet we could have made the Spanish mass. Wtf? We drove back home, my mom cooked a lobster and steak dinner, and after she let us open one present each, we said to hell with it and she permitted us to massacre the perfectly-wrapped gifts under the tree. Shortly thereafter, we dressed once more and headed to the service, which might I add, was BEAUTIFUL. The soloist in the choir indeed had the voice of an angel, and altogether the choir sang in perfect harmony. Also, it didn't hurt that our priest has an insanely hypnotizing set of chords.

Attendance to a duo-set of parties ensued Christmas day, and we capped the night off with a movie. Exciting, eh? Bitch mode. So I wanted to address very briefly the legions of sartorialists out there who so happen to disagree with Beyonce's fashion choices as of late. Obviously, you are completely entitled to your opinions especially if I ask you what you think, but it seems like the basis of some of your 'arguments' derive from this ludicrous idea that Beyonce is simply 'too big' to dare wear designers such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and most recently Gareth Pugh; an idea probably generated by a group of 90 lb. kate moss-wannabes. Sure, it's so nice and humbling to read editors support the healthierheavier side of the weight wars in the industry, but philanthropy isn't at the top of your list when you criticize an artist's fashion choices. I'll stop here before my mouth combusts with a slurry of combative viscosity, but just remember this, the fatass you call Beyonce is and will continue to be wearing things you will never even be able to touch in your ENTIRE lifetime. So, go ahead and slip on that $30 H&M frock you think looks great on you; just know that Sasha Fierce can rock a dress that probably costs more than your parents' mortgage.

Cue Miranda Priestly:
"And Emily......"

Otherwise, for you B fans, due to an unsuccessful cyber hunt for onset photos, here's some horrible screen clippings from a YouTube video of B in Gareth Pugh like I promised.

The only two remote looks I came across were these, so I assume the armor can morph into different collars. Yes? No? Correct me if I'm wrong.

A second look:

I couldn't seem to find the runway look, but heller it's obviously Gareth Pugh SS09. Also, thanks to the lovely Mariane of Merkovsky for identifying the sequins dress to be vintage Thierry Mugler! Lastly, I am aching to find a shop that still sells this bad boy.

I swear I would forego a month's payment for my car just to own a pair. I beg of you, professional online/tangible shoppers, inform me of a single place that has a dusty pair beckoning to deplete my bank account. I BEG OF YOU! Okay, that's enough.

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Esmée said...

Nice outfit:) Think it looks like audrina's boyfriends-look from the hills;)


naboonies said...

ha ha! you're hilarious! i was among the 'haters':( and you're so right we can't even get near those divine masterpieces, let alone afford them.

seems like you had a lovely holiday!

Krystal said...

LOVE your tee! I need it, and the leather is perfection. Yes, she is very sweet...BUT she is a socialite, you know :)


-h of candid cool said...

i didnt know much about mugler, only that i my friend like it a lot. when i read that beyonce will be an "ambassador" for the brand i really began googling mugler. i think she's a perfect choice, he did a lot of "superhero"-esque looks and dressed pop stars/divas in the past.

naboonies said...

Oh ya forgot to say this..

Your outfit rocks! Love the boat neck striped tee combined with the jacket and blings. C'est tres chec ma cher!

D said...

that jacket is lovely,i needto get me a new one

also im in love with that tee of yours,the way its cut and drapes on you is perfect,ill be looking for those sunnies for you hopefully they have a quantity of 2

Dinie said...

grease lightning!
the wide neckline gives you length and it looks ultra comfy!

have a good year ahead!!
happy 2009.


Fashion Is Poison said...

you look like you're gonna kick someone's ass in your leather jacket and i love it!

Cory K said...

Another guy blogger!

I'm very envious of the outfit, and the leather jacket make it all that much better.

forever & always,
cory /

Wendy said...

That jacket is amazing!

Vero said...

I love your outfit. its so perfect onyou!

zoë said...

that jacket is fucking awesome .
and so is your blog .


Domonique said...

I want that tee! I have been looking for the perfect striped tee for like ever! Borrow? Ha!

Hope you had a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

that jacket is lovely,also im in love with that tee !

it's Fashion Fever said...

Hey amigo :)
I'm back lol, where was I you asked...studying to get good grades haha. And I earned it.
But I love ur outfit here!!!

alyssa said...

that leather jacket is fantastic!

L. said...

Biker boots are freaking hot !
marine strips too !

vogued out!!! said...

oohhh bike boy love the leather jacket on you.

Merily said...

You'r blog's too inspiring! :D

izzydore said...

love the outfit!