By: Jey Quichocho.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Balenciaga Spotting.

I finally found the stills of Lindsay Lohan in Balenciaga on the set of Ugly Betty. Well I think I'm more excited to see them more than anyone else mainly because it's nice to see a designer's work appreciated beyond the norm of the exclusive fashion circle.

She wears a Balenciaga SS08 top and a Hervé Léger by Max Azria FW 08 dress. The shoes look annoyingly familiar, but I can't identify them. Princess points for whoever does.


Fierce, no?
I'm glad Ugly Betty's costume designer Eduardo Castro used the top for the episode's outdoor scenes, because this is what it looks like on the runway in an enclosed area:


The vividity of the top's color under the sun is much more appealing than the washed-out runway look. I think it's so important to showcase statement pieces to their highest degrees, especially when you're wearing Balenciaga. Anyway, I hope this post was as impressionable for you as it was enjoyable for me to compose.

*Post-edit: I always forget to give a photo credit!
Lindsay photos from heaayah.
Balenciaga runway from


**POST post-edit: Thanks to my darling Reggie in Guam who identified Lohan's shoes as Pierre Hardy FW 08. THANKSS REGG!


Aysia said...

I adore Balenciaga. I even did a presentation on it for my fashion class :)

it's Fashion Fever said...

Thanks for the helpful tip Jeyq :-)

it's Fashion Fever said...

P.S. I enjoyed your insightful post. Very lovely

Krystal said...

im dying for her dress! shes a badass :)


Fashion Is Poison said...

i'd love to wear her shoes :P

KATLIN said...

I do like how they used it outdoors in a way that isn't so constricting, you know. Where do you get your bow ties from? I only have that one and I got it at the men's section at Nordstrom's.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

the stylist did and AMAZING job dressing her character. i was drooling over every outfit she wore.

btw, thank u for visiting my site! i like your site a lot, too...esp. since there aren't a lot of menswear fashion blogs.

geri said...


Dapper Kid said...

Oh wow she looks wonderful!

Merily said...

The dress looks better on her than in the runway. And I think she looks gorgeous.

clairegrenade said...

that whole Balenciaga collection was really compelling

the fabric reminded me of fish scales & it balanced with the goooooorgeous floral patterns

Rumi said...

Hmm I don't watch this show but I agree that it's very strange how loose they had hers fit..maybe they had to make do with the only size they could get their hands on?