By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everything's Better With Shredder.

  • the t-shirt took three decades to complete
  • yes i'm being melodramatic
  • a huge THANKS to Camille for the shredded tee tutorial
  • compelled to use bullet-point format by roomie
  • those shorts used to be jeans in a light blue wash
  • i bleached them yesterday
  • currently watching the Top Design finale
  • =]


yiqin; said...

Ah I need to start shredding my t-shirts too! <3 thevest!

Rumi said...

You are the cutest...EVER.

Nice shreds, but not nice enough to make up for the perpetual misspelling of my name!! Grr/kidding. Kind of.


Domonique said...

The boots are too cute with that outfit. oh and the shredded te= perfection.

camille said...

nice work! looks like you've got shredding down to a tee! har, har, har. excuse my lame puns.

Sharlo said...

hahah u r wayyy to cute!! :)
niice blog. i see ur ugly betty obsessed? ha me too :)
Im tooo lazy to do zat whole tshirt business. pity.

it's Fashion Fever said...

OMG awesome job on the shirt!!!

Anette said...

loving the t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

wow -- you're just everything! hehe. i really love the shirt. i made one too but it's in the wash right now. plus, i kind of messed up so i'm thinking i'm going to pick up some more white vnecks the next time i go to kmart. =) i luuurve the cutoff jeans as well. very nice!

jaleh said...

good job on the shirt and jeans, they both look fantastic!

clairegrenade said...

that's teh first time i've seen someone use that technique on a shirt with something actually printed on it, it looks so edgy & awesome!!!

rad as always, dahhling!

D said...

I love lve your shredded tee! Famille is so wonderful for showing that tutorial! Love the bleached shorts great idea!

Zu said...

sweeeet kicks.