By: Jey Quichocho.

Saturday, November 29, 2008



For sushi with my brothers.

Well I had an eventful Thanksgiving. Not really. I spent most of my time preparing the meal with my mom after which I devoured my plentiful portions of moist turkey, mashed potatoes, red rice and corn.

I was watching The View yesterday and one of the ladies mentioned that people on either side of the shopping counter tend to get increasingly bitchy towards Christmas, which is very true in my experiences. Before sushi yesterday, my sibs and I stopped by Radioshack to pick up a memory card for my dad's camera. In short, a sales associated managed to bark information to me over the volume set by shoppers and their personal conversations. I'm not asking for a damn Saks shopping experience but tend to every shopper as you would want to be tended to.

And as if this debochal wasn't enough to inaugurate my day, homegirl at the sushi place dared to use the this is my first day so please be patient with me excuse on us, which I think is an example of weak character and more importantly, incompetence. To which I responded audibly "Don't tell me how to dine especially when I come into YOUR restaurant." We were honestly cordial in our interactions until she spat such a lame refutation. Whatever.

At any rate, not much is going on in my sphere of life. It is an exceptionally foggy day that definitely sets the mood for the weekend, though I thought I should share. I do plan on compiling a list of my pet-peeves. That should be fun.



Ess Elsie. said...

ohh customer service how far you've fallen. hopefully those silly people didn't ruin your friday!

and thanks for the haircut comment. i'm slowly warming up to it. and yours looks great as well!

Jenny H. said...

i likee the scarf.

Voodoo Child said...

Yeah, it does seem like bitchiness levels do tend to rise during X-mas time. Maybe it's strees?

Anyway I like your shirt.

simply.steph said...

aww im so jealous, we dont put our christmas tree up anymore, and booo non christmas spirit. but not going to lie, work in a retail ish environment and people are SOOOOO mean. so I see coworkers becoming more mean to nicer customers, which piss them off to be mean to other employees and its a vicious cycle of christmas-mean-shopping-ness. It's viral

nv said...

I like the scarf! Ugh I hate cranky sales people and things stores do during sales. Here in Canada we don't have black friday but we have boxing day on dec 26 which is pretty much the same and everyone's a bitch :S and I went to this 50% off everything sale at one store and the mirrors were COVERED! why the hell would you cover up the mirrors, how can people buy things if they don't know what it looks like...seriously.

naboonies said...

I try to steer away from shopping during these peak hours because of the situation you described. I try to buy what I need way earlier.hehe.

But anyway, love your scarf. Looks plush and warm. Happy hols!


great outfit,yes at the moment and as xmas approaches customer service does seem fragile to say the least.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

your the same height as your tree, thats funny ^_^

love the outfit, your so stylish.

Krystal said...

come have sushi with me, that sounds perfect

you rock it as always babe xx

alyssa said...

your hair is awesome! sometimes i just want to chop mine off and 'hawk it. this is a sweet outfit, too.


You look perfect in that skinny jeans! I like your style and reading your stories! :)

Have a nice day,


clairegrenade said...

i must say, i always love your use of scarves

YAY THANKSGIVING! sounds like fun with the fam :]