By: Jey Quichocho.

Sunday, November 23, 2008



I asked my sugar plum Jenny in NYC to send me a little outfit of herself so I could share it with my blog buddies, but I actually had clandestine intentions to debut her natural beauty. Haha my favorite is the freakin' picnic basket! I LOVE YOU JENNY BEAR & you tear up Parsons with your viscosity sugar plum!

  • I am uncontrollably excited for Christmas, and I haven't yet devoured my Thanksgiving dinner.
  • My mom is usually more exuberant around the holidays which is always delightful.
  • I absolutely genuinely look forward to volunteering this holiday season.
  • My dad's in Afghanistan, fighting for your freedom, but I refuse to pity myself and my family especially now because there are far worse situations ensuing in these current times.
  • Christmas music is paramount starting November.
  • Inaugurate yourself into this new year with a goal to contribute love to this wretched world.
To conclude, freak out here.


Ca said...

Hello and thank you for the lovely congratulation! I had a blast at the party, good friends, heavy music, fance decorations... pictures posted!

I want a bright canary yellow shirt too.

naboonies said...

Nice bow tie man!

issa said...

both outfits. HAWT.

Alice Point said...

You look so elegant! And your lovely friend is stylish too:)


Terencesambowrites said...

Amazing outfit man great :o) your blog...

Do drop by and check out mine


that military cardi is *i die*

and your hair is lookin fierce


Wendy said...

The yellow pops against the rest, and man do wear ties really well.

D said...

that is so great that your father is fighting for america,i wish there was no fighting at all going on,and yes the day is finally coming i cant wait,and the canary yellow top under your cardi is impeccable i love the shock of colour!
great fit

Krystal said...

ooh baby, that yellow shirt/tie is calling my name. you look HOT xx

Taghrid said...

both of you are hot! xo

Taghrid said...

both of you are hot! xo

nv said...

I love all your ties and bow ties, you have such a quirky sense of style, love it. and i hope your dad gets home soon! can't wait for christmas! hehe

meowmeow. said...

aww loves her outfit! and yours SEXYYYYYYY

SOS! said...

you dress just like my best friend. its deadly! like the blog.
SOS-er fi xx

Natacha said...

She is very pretty :)
And you are very elegant, I love it ! :D

purplesocks said...

Adoarable bow tie indeed.Love that you have your own style