By: Jey Quichocho.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


A big THANKS to Claire who tagged me! =]

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I am completely fascinated with the New Zealand culture and furthermore interested in the Maori people. I swear it’s always a bone-chilling experience with every Maori performance.

[EDIT: I had a thrilling video from the Aotearoa village at the Polynesian Cultural Center in HI., but I guess it was too long for blogger to process. Anyway, look up 'PolyFest '08 Maori Stage' on YouTube if you're interested!]

I’m still obsessed with the Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag that came out like 10 years ago. I am overcome with jealousy every time I see one.

I openly despise those drop-crotch pants EVERYONE seems to love. Who would’ve thought that a suspended crotch would be so flattering? Drop on …. I guess.

I LOVE to sleep. I would pass up a whole list of things just for some pillow time.

I use religiously, especially when I’m writing for a post.



I know I'm supposed to tag six people, but I'm going to make my own rules and leave it open to anyone who wants to do it! Haha talk about rebellious. Oh and if I did tag you, then DO IT! I actually started then made an executive decision to leave it open.



Ca said...

Haha, fun facts!

Domonique said...

I think I might be in agreeance with the whole drop pant thingy.

we could grow up together said...

me too, the motorcycle bags should be a classique!

issa said...

o ya... i still love that bag!!


the drop-crotch are an absolute must!

clairegrenade said...

I forgot to mention that your drop-crotch pants comment made me LOL
i sooooo agree, though hahaa

they confuse me

D said...

i love that you are never satisfied,im just like that !!!

KATLIN said...

I kinda agree with you about the drop crotch pants... they definitely aren't for everybody (like my short body), but I give kudos to those who can pull it off so well!

it's Fashion Fever said...

Hi mi amigo :) thanks for the comment on the the 1st outfit i put together. I love the booties too lol, I'm on a hunt for those items haha.

But haha as for those pants u mentioned on ur blog, I kinda like 'em :) haha but more on females I guess. Bias huh lol.

jacquieshambles said...

word.... love the blog i'll be back :)