By: Jey Quichocho.

Sunday, November 16, 2008



So my hair is getting a little crazy nowadays. I KNOW I have it in me to avoid surrendering to my discomforts … or maybe not. I guess I'll see. I really don’t want to cut it yet, but it’s getting so F-ing irritating that I might just have to visit a salon pretty soon.

Oh and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions as to where I could possibly purchase Men’s skinny dress pants made with a sheen-type fabric, maybe satin or crepe? Living in the mecca of podunk towns, I don’t exactly have the option of shopping at exciting places which is quite sad for the residents here considering how I’ve seen people dress.

Anyway, have any of you folks seen the new PS01 bags by Jack & Lazaro over at Proenza? Only the duos closest friends have been issued bags from the collection, and they don’t even come out until Spring.


Look out for my mini-'interview' with Renée Sturme from FashionFillers!


D said...

i love the new PS1 bag by proenza schouler,its so simple that it can also be worn by a male with style,its great and the muted colors that they have works perfect for any occasion,

love your outfit to death and the photography and the everything was perfect,i love your shoes,superb

i would try eluxury or barneys for the pants but they maybe alittle expensive if i say so myself

kmx. said...

I love your style! The shirt & vest are adorablee. Nice spot; I'm linking youu!! =]

this wheel's on fire said...

wow! i love these shots!! they remind me of gene kelly :)

Wendy said...

These jumping photos are superb.

Krystal said...

babe, you rocked this xx

erik said...

fred astaire of the pacific!

cool outfit too


love your dapper outfit,love the images.super cool blog.
muah xx

Alice Point said...

JEY, you look so so lovely:)! Stylish and elegant! Your 'crazy' hair is cool too. Don't cut it;)

Vero said...

aww Jeyq!

That is some hot Sh*t ya got there. Omg i love those pics. sexy foreal!! Cant wait for your interview!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the PS01 bag that MK has been carrying. Well, I think it was MK. I can't remember now which one of the twins was caught carrying it. Hmm...

But, I love the outfit! The vest with a short sleeved button down is awesome. =) The poses are even better! Haha.

Anonymous said...

you inspire!

Ca said...

Gosh, I can never manage to look this cool in mid-air. Alway like something hit my face while jumping, haha.

No idea about the sheen slim pants. I do have a pair in metallic grey/silver from H&M but that was along time ago. I should take it for a play soon!

geri said...


nv said...

haha i love these pictures and the way you're a bit off the ground. love the outfit. and that bag is so chic, very practical and would go with nearly everything

DIANAB. said...

omg you are absolutely adorable.




Caroline said...

all boys must dress like you. it should be a new rule

KATLIN said...

I really like this outfit!!

clairegrenade said...

that second-to-last picture makes me smile!

sorry about the massive blog delay, i put some more detail into my latest entry..blehh

ahhh you never cease to impress me with your fantastic taste :D