By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bird's Nest.

This is what I look like with a clean cut; No. 2 on top and No. 1 on the sides to be exact:


And of course you know the atrocity that is my hair now. But it is only an atrocity because it is unrefined. What I want it to become is this (the guy's do of course):


or maybe even this:


Somehow I want the whole middle section of hair on my head to be erect. Haha, erect. I actually want the length of the erection to be atleast six inches, naturally. Oh my I'm quite descriptive tonight. But hopefully you get the picture. Anyway, my dilemma is the length of my hair currently is maybe three inches and as I said before I want it longer, but should I let it grow out and then cut it, or cut it now and shape it with future haircuts? What do you hair experts think? I'm VERY indecisive.


clairegrenade said...

So you're a total doll & i dunno if you've done this already...but i've tagged you


you may choose to do it or not :]

D said...

I really adore the last one!

Krystal said...

YOU my friend are fierce

Tiaz said...

ohhh. that reddi to wip tshirt is just the best thing.

keep up the brilliant post pleaseee.


Aysia said...

I love you hair! You really look like my friend Ivan, by the way :)