By: Jey Quichocho.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall plans.


I woke up this morning to a somber and desolate neighborhood, PERFECT for taking pictures. It is tricky, however, to conduct a photo sesh without a photographer, but I still decided to hoist my camera onto a wooden gate and let 10-second timers do the work. The pictures were horrid, so I dragged my sister unwillingly outside to play photographer yet again before sunset. I usually never mention the composition of my outfits, but I found this comfortable flannel shirt in addition to a red-and-black one at WalMart, both for $5.00 ea. Lovesss. Oh, and please excuse the puffiness of my face; I got cellulite injections that morning. Please notice my sarcasm.


Vero said...

Haha. I love your plaid shirt. Funny how I got the red one from Walmart myself. And I love your blog! You're actually the first dude I've come acrossed to that has a blog! Love it.

izzydore said...

I live in Manila. Yea I am very lucky to have an awesome-priced tailor nearby.

Just checked out your blog, you have great style!! Love the scarves and your plaid shirt.

Mimi said...

There are not many male fashion bloggers but your style is awesome.
Love the entire outfit so much.

Renée Sturme said...

You look great! All of your latest looks are great actually.

Merily said...

Haha, you're awesome. :D

katherinelou said...

great outfit !
i love your shirt

Rumi said...

Killer boots.

Mimnor said...

Love the shirt !

Anonymous said...

are you staeling my look now? or maybe i'm steeling yours. hehehe

fritha louise said...

Woah! Love love love your scarf! And you wear that plaid shirt so well.

Fashion Is Poison said...

hmmm i LOVE your boots