By: Jey Quichocho.

Friday, October 10, 2008


*Disregard my facial expressions in the photos. I was mid-air in the first, and constipated in the second. HA! Only kidding.


Tonight, after initial decline, I watched a movie with my sister and a couple of cool cats including a ferociously-dressed Lauren and her husband John. I am honestly opposed to public outings especially at night, and it's because I'm severely timid amongst crowds of people. Though I figured since it was Friday night, I'd tag along. I thought it was impossible to compact cackling induced scenes then shrieking induced scenes into a single movie, back and forth nonetheless. But I guess the movie Quarantine proved me wrong. Nevermind the obnoxiously loud row of hoodlums behind us and the attention-seeking gob of ignorance to our right (who, by the way, stood up at one point in the movie with his hands raised as if the characters pixelated onscreen could reciprocate his gesture), because I couldn't stop myself from yelling or laughing amidst the volume of everyone else. If you do intend on seeing it, it's quite graphic and filmed entirely by the cameraman in the movie, so it's pretty hard to keep focused.
Anyway, I did almost have a bitch fit when the movie ended. As we were getting up to leave, a girl in front of us dropped her cup of slush which splattered onto everything and everyone around her, including my jeans and my wrists, but I kind of just mumbled something to myself and got up to leave. I laughed as I was walking out with my sister because I remembered that when she dropped the cup, most of the slush became close friends with her face, so that justified my decision to pull back and not verbally harass the poor girl. A cold facial was punishment enough.


nv said...

i like the necklace, its nice seeing a guy with a blog. more guys need to dress well like you! :P

Dana (MODAna) said...

love the pink, and the bracelet
pink and leopard should be best friends

Linnéa said...

love the bracelet <3<3