By: Jey Quichocho.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Family Affair.

Is it horrible that I convince my siblings to take part in my daily photo sessions? My not-so-little brother debuts my thrifted maroon cardigan and incredible cognac-colored ankle boots.
& HOLY fashion did anyone catch tonight's Ugly Betty? I died. Seriously, for like thirty seconds. As many of you probably know (if you watch Ugly Betty), Lindsay Lohan's last episode aired tonight and bitch went out with a bang! She freaking wore one of those Spring 08 structured tops from Balenciaga in the final scenes. I am trying to find a still of the scene on the internet for those of you who didn't catch it, but it just aired tonight so maybe within the next week it'll surface. I'm still piddling in my panties because I don't think anybody understands my affinity for the brand. It's so much more than fashion to me. It's about perfect and impeccable craftsmanship and a revolutionary era of dressing. I did kind of want to smack the stylist who dressed Lindsay because the top was very loose compared to the structured fit on the runway. But whatever I'm not going to let it ruin this high. Ha!


copperoranges said...

oh my goodness! what studs you gentlemen are! :)

i've never seen ugly betty, but i was intrigued by the lindsay episodes ... hmmm.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I love this! I wish I had someone to style up!

it's Fashion Fever said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Haha no it's not horrible you get your siblings to get in the photo ops. Lol. I'm feelin' your bro's side bangs...looks better than mines, your outfits!!!

Anonymous said...

Jey birddd its jenny!! dude your bro is hot....and of course you are the hottest person in my book! but i freaking love your blog, i myself want to start one! i want to talk to you soon love you so so much which you were hereee