By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



This was taken some time ago in Guam. Though I am wearing a sweater, it was a hot mess outside as it is every day.


Exploiting my goods for the sake of hotel marketing. HA! Only kidding. Dancing poolside at the Lotte Hotel Jeju in Jeju Island, Korea. Obviously I'm the one on the far right. Question, does Leann Marshall from Project Runway 5 remind any of you of Rumi from Fashion Toast? That's all.


nv said...

my cousin does hula/polynesian dance too! i love the first outfit, so classy. would you like to trade links :D

simply.steph said...

I love the bow tie in the first picture. i haven't seen a bow tie in a while. not many people in Toronto sport em. I think they should be taking notes from you.

Ashleigh said...

Holy sh*t....I love that bow tie! Wish my bf would wear that...i've tried..he wont listen :P...haha

nv said...

oh i'll put your link on my blog and you can put mine on yours :)


Jenny H. said...

ahh i love how classy you look.

wanna trade links?