By: Jey Quichocho.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes I think I'm Karlie Kloss.

...& then I wake up and realize my mind's been playing dirty tricks on me again.

*Excuse my death stares.

I finally found a blazer my size in mint condition surprisingly at the Goodwill, complete with a dry cleaners ticket pinned to the tag from it's previous owner. I am well aware that the blazer trend has been exhausted by many stylish bloggers alike, though Wendy from Hand It Over prompted me to continue the hunt because she just wears them so well. Anyway with mine, the fit through the forearms is pretty tight when the sleeves are cuffed, so I feel very constricted in it. But I'm a slave to fashion so whatever.

I've actually been thrifting quite regularly within the past couple weeks. I mean, I'm only limited to the Goodwill because being in the cesspit of podunk towns, there is no such thing as variety. During my trip to San Antonio last weekend, my mom tickled my fancy and took my siblings and I to our old town's Goodwill where I found the blazer, while my mom found some pants and a pair of shoes, and my sister, a blazer for herself. Then after lunch on my birthday, my mom took me to another Goodwill in the next town over. What I love about thrift stores, especially the Goodwill, is that you find different things at every store location, unlike brand stores where their merchandise is the same at every location. Here I found two oversized cardigans, a pair of shoes while my sister found some KILLER and I mean KILLER red boots very reminiscent of Rumi's Chloe stompers, plus her Halloween costume. I photographed them tonight actually, but I'll save em for a later post.

Well this entry is becoming a novel with every proceeding word, so I shall now retire to my pillows.


Maya said...

Great look...LIke the shoes

Krystal said...

I want those shoes!! Fierce <3

Anonymous said...

you look so fierce! (what death stare? i don't see any ;])

i love blazers. they are the epitome of chic.

La C

Krystal said...

they are HOTTT

this wheel's on fire said...

I love your style!!


great ensemble
shoes and blazer, so hott


Looking good...
luv thrift hunting too, isn't it great to find something that fits right, plus a mint condition... makes a lovely day indeed! SWEET!!!

clairegrenade said...

LOVELOVELOVE that blazer, the whole look is really simple & everything fits really well

i agree with you on the blazer/fashion blog scene, the look has been slightly exhausted, but it works!